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Leadership Training


Certificate Training

· Leadership Training is a 10-day workshop
· Training is at the Harlem DNA Lab.

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Questions? Call 516-367-5170 or email dnalc@cshl.edu.

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Leadership Training

Leadership Training (60 hours) during the summer will provide follow-up and recognition to elite teachers who can implement advanced genetics, biotechnology, or research electives – or support the DOE's required 8th grade exit research projects. The workshop will sample molecular and genomic analysis in humans and in key model systems (E. coli, C. elegans, and plants). Participants must attend all 10 days of training.

To apply for P-Credits, applicants must also register for course P17-249SS12 at: https://pci.nycenet.edu/aspdp/ and pay a registration fee of $125 to the NYC DOE office of ASPDP.

Leadership training is provided by expert DNALC staff, and is offered free-of-charge to participating teachers. Leadership Training will be held at the Harlem DNA Lab. For additional info, please call (516) 367-5170 or email dnalc@cshl.edu.


Leadership Training Part I

Monday, July 16: Introduction to E.coli genetics and Restriction Analysis
Tuesday, July 17: Recombination of plasmid DNA and DNA Transformations, Part I
Wednesday, July 18: Inside Cancer Internet Site Training
Thursday, July 19: Recombination of plasmid DNA and DNA Transformations, Part II
Friday, July 20: Using PCR to detect Genetically Modified Foods

Leadership Training Part II

Monday, July 23: Genetics of C. elegans and introduction to RNAi
Tuesday, July 24: Using PCR to Detect Bitter Taste Receptors
Wednesday, July 25: DNA Barcoding, DNA Extraction and PCR
Thursday, July 26: DNA Barcoding, Bioinformatics
Friday, July 27: RNAi Mechanisms

Supported by:
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Dana Foundation, Jerome L. Greene Foundation,
Goldman Sachs Foundation, and William Townsend Porter Foundation