Educator Workshops

From one-day to three weeks; our educator workshops bring teachers up-to-the-minute with revolutionary discoveries and introduce innovative ways to deliver hands-on, inquiry-based experiments to students. Programs are available for high school teachers and two- and four-year college faculty.


Student Research Partnerships

The DNALC has organized several partnerships that support independent student research through collaborations with institutions in New York City and across Long Island. The DNALC provides educator training, equipment, materials, and infrastructure to support these student-driven research efforts.



Field Trips & Membership

Middle- and high-school teachers can schedule field trips to the DNALC, DNALC West, Harlem DNA Lab, or DNALC @ City Tech. School districts that frequently take advantage of the DNALC's program benefit from joining our Curriculum Study Program.

Student Summer Camps

Each summer our laboratory classrooms fill with 6th-12th grade students participating in five-day science camps. From Fun with DNA to Human Genomics, students could attend one camp per year until graduation!



Saturday DNA!

We devote several Saturdays during the academic year to our adoring public; Saturday DNA! was developed by our educational and scientific staff to serve children, teens, and adults interested in DNA programs outside of the school setting. We offer a variety of 2-hour laboratory- and computer-based sessions for little more than the cost of a movie ticket and a bucket of popcorn.

Exhibition & More...

We are currently showing Ötzi the Iceman and his ancient ancestors in our main exhibition space. BOLD: the barcode of life by Joseph Rossano, an art exhibit on DNA barcoding, is hung in the front and side halls of the DNALC. Stop on by after strolling the quaint sidewalks of Cold Spring Harbor Village!

Summer Camp Student Survey Results

A 2004 major survey of students who took summer camps from 1990 to 2001 revealed the long-term effects of camp participation.

gel electrophoresis photo

Laboratory Results

Gel electrophoresis laboratory results are posted online after field trip visits; access your class results by selecting the year and month of your field trip, then find your group by name. Photos are labeled with group ID.

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