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Field worker report on dementia praecox (schizophrenia) at King's Park Hospital, by Laura Teitelbaum (6)

Field worker report on dementia praecox (schizophrenia) at King's Park Hospital, by Laura Teitelbaum (6)
Laura Teitelbaum, an ERO field worker prepared this detailed history of a patient at Kings Park Hospital, one of the largest psychiatric hospitals in the USA and some 12 miles from the ERO. Aaron Rosanoff of the Hospital was a member of Davenport’s American Breeders’ Association Committee on Feeblemindedness.
061. [obscured] -7 her looks. Beyond being dressed up in finery, she has no ambitions. She is shallow and silly and overgracious with strangers. It is just as easy for her to laugh as to cry. She is very talkative and had no scruples about telling all she knew. Clearly she seems to have a child's mind. The family physician reports her as being as "simple as daylight." She has always been hysterical, nervous, and very excitable. She is effusive and high-strung. She believes all she hears. The doctor sums up her case by saying "she is simply feeble-minded." Education: She is a graduate of Parker College Institute. Nothing is definitely known about her sisters or brothers. The Patient's Mother's Parents and Her Fraternity. Nothing is known of any of these members of the family except II.6. This man was president of a bank in [obscured] for 12 years. Once in a while he had nervous headaches "because of his business." During the time of the headache he was confined to bed. Summary of the case: [obscured], the patient, is insane, the type of insanity is dementia praecox. Both her sisters and her mother are reported to be feeble-minded by the family physician. Her father is alcoholic. Her mother's father had nervous headaches. Her father's mother was nervous, her brother was "peculiar." Her father's father was alcoholic. Sources of Information: [obscured], Patient at Kings Park. From the field: [obscured], 145 Mexerole Avenue, [obscured], L.I. [obscured], Columbus Avenue, [obscured], L.I. [obscured], family physician, [obscured], L.I.
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