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"Courses in eugenics, University of Pittsburgh" (1)

"Courses in eugenics, University of Pittsburgh" (1)
"Courses in eugenics, University of Pittsburgh" (1)
494. The Department of Biology of the University offers the following courses in Eugenics. These courses are given under the direction of Professor Roswell H. Johnson, in the Spring Term of 1918, beginning April 7th. Biology 28. Eugenics. This is a course in the "agenics under social control that may improve or impair the social qualities of future generations, either physically or mentally". The scope of the course includes the action of several factors in evolution of primitive man and the modification of the action of these factors by an advancing social organization, the causes of differing birth, marriage, and death rates and their significance. Range of characteristics of such a nature as to require restricted reproduction, various methods of control, possible improvement of the action of sexual solution; the production of an increased birth rate from the superior. The eugenic aspect of various reform movements, such as, prohibition, women's rights, socialism, immigration, rehabilitation, vocational guidance, mother's pensions, etc. Twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30 (unless changed for the convenience of the majority). Pre-requisites: -- Biology 1 and 2, or equivalent. Biology 33. Eugenics. Similar to above but abridged in order to include an introduction upon the evidences and factors of evolution since no previous biological training is required. This section is intended for those who can attend only in the afternoon. Mondays and Fridays at 4:30 P.M. Biology 34. Laboratory in Eugenics. For those qualified and those who wish to pursue the subject intensively. Laboratory work in variation and heredity of human characteristics. Comparative study of significant vital statistics. Credits vary. Hours to be arranged.
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