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Letter from Field Secretary, American Eugenics Association to Fair Associations asking education exhibit space

Letter from Field Secretary, American Eugenics Association to Fair Associations asking education exhibit space
Letter from Field Secretary, American Eugenics Association to Fair Associations asking education exhibit space
704. [handwritten note on document} To fair Association [end handwritten note] [printed letterhead] AMERICAN EUGENICS SOCIETY INC. Board of Directors HENRY P. FAIRCHILD, President IRVING FISHER, Vice-President ROSWELL H. JOHNSON, Secretary and Treasurer EDWIN G. CONKLIN MADISON GRANT HARRY H. LAUGHLIN C. C. LITTLE R. M. MACIVER HARRY OLSON LEON F. WHITNEY, Executive Secretary LILLIAN ARMSTRONG, Corresponding Secretary 185 Church Street, New Haven, Connecticut Prof. W. S. Anderson Mr. Frank L. Babbott Dr. Howard J. Banker Dr. Lewellys F. Barker Mr. Frederick S. Bigelow Mrs. John W. Blodgett Prof. Emory S. Bogardos [LAST TWO LETTERS OF SURNAME NEEDS CHECKING] Dr. Carl C. Brigham Dr. Philip K. Brown Dr. Charles W. Burr Pres. W. W. Campbell Prof. Walter B. Cannon Mr. C. C. Carstens Prof. T. N. Carver Prof. Wesley R. Coe Prof. Leon J. Cole Rev. John M. Cooper Prof. Henry E. Crampton Prof. C. H. Danforth Dr. Katharine B. Davis Dr. Robert L. Dickinson Prof. Edward M. East Dr. Haven Emerson Dr. Arthur H. Estabrook Dr. David Fairchild Pres. Livingstone Farrand Dr. Eugene L. Fisk Rev. Harry E. Fosdick Mr. Raymond B. Fosdick Mr. Robert Garrett Prof. Franklin H. Giddings Dean Virginia C. Gildersleeve Prof. Henry H. Goddard Mr. C. M. Goethe Mr. E. S. Gosney Mr. Charles W. Gould Prof. William K. Gregory Prof. Ernest R. Groves Prof. Michael F. Guyer Prof. J. Arthur Harris Prof. Samuel J. Holmes Dr. Earnest A. Hooton Dr. Ales Hrdlicka Mr. Seth K. Humphrey Prof. Ellsworth Huntington Prof. A. G. Huntsman Mrs. Wortham James Mrs. Helen Hartley Jenkins Hon. Albert Johnson Mr. Cheney C. Jones Dr. David Starr Jordan Prof. H. E. Jordan Mrs. Otto H. Kahn Prof. Truman Lee Kelley Dr. John Harvey Kellogg Dr. Vernon Kellogg Dr. Helen Dean King Prof. Charles A. Kofoid Dr. Daniel W. LaRue Bishop William Lawrence Prof. Frank R. Lillie Prof. Francis E. Lloyd Rabbi Louis Mann Prof. William McDougal Pres. J. C. Merriam Prof. Adolf Meyer Prof. Ann Haven Morgan Pres. Arthur E. Morgan Prof. Robert K. Naboura [LAST LETTER OF SURNAME NEEDS CHECKING] Prof. Henry F. Nachtrieb Pres. William A. Neilson Prof. H. H. Newman Dr. Henry F. Osborn Prof. George H. Parker Dr. Stewart Paton Mr. John C. Phillips Hon. Gifford Pinchot Mr. Paul Poenoe Dr. D. P. Ramos Dr. W. S. Rankin Prof. Stuart A. Rice Dr. Aaron J. Rosanoff [SURNAME NEEDS CHECKING] Prof. E. A. Ross Mrs. C. C. Rumsey Prof. C. E. Seashore Dr. Florence Brown Sherbon Prof. A. Franklin Shull Dr. William F. Snow Prof. Charles R. Stockard Mr. Lothrop Stoddard Prof. Francis B. Sumner Dr. Wilbur W. Swingle Prof. Lewis M. Terman Prof. Robert J. Terry Prof. Edward L. Thorndike Dean Victor C. Vaughan Prof. S. S. Visber Mr. August Vollmer Prof. Herbert E. Walter Prof. Robert DcC. Ward Dr. William H. Welch Prof. William M. Wheeler Mr. Albert Edward Wiggam Hon. Ray Lyman Wilbur Prof. Walter F. Willcox Dr. Clark Wissler Dr. Frederick Adams Woods Dr. Sewall Wright Prof. Robert M. Yerkes 185 Church Street New Haven, Conn. [end printed letterhead] Gentlemen: The American Eugenics Society is planning a public educational campaign based upon scientific findings of such matters as pertain to humanity's betterment. There is no place where the public can be met and dealt with to greater advantage along this line than at the fairs. We are therefore requesting you for particulars regarding space for the exhibit which is a part of the educational plan. The exhibit is under canvas and requires a space 30x30 feet with also a power connection of 60 cycle 110 volt current for running a pair of small motors. We have in the past exhibited side by side with the Public Health Department, the Red Cross and others of like character, and like these have paid no ground rent because, we sell nothing and receive nothing, the whole is for the benefit and happiness of humanity and is supported exclusively by charity. Do you feel that you can also be charitable for so great and good a cause and contribute the needed space for our use? Respectfully yours, Field Secretary. CP: F
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