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American Eugenics Party platform

American Eugenics Party platform
American Eugenics Party platform
762. American Eugenics Party P.O. BOX 38068 LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90038 AMERICAN EUGENICS PARTY PLATFORM The following Platform of the AMERICAN EUGENICS PARTY is presented to unite individuals and organizations in the United States and throughout the world in opposition to the dysgenic forces. With an increasing number of supporters for all, if not most, of the Platform, the eventual attainment of a Eugenic Society is assured: 1. RACE AND STOCK PURITY National laws must be enacted to prohibit marriage between the races and to encourage stock (ethnic group) purity. The negroes are too different genetically and will always be a source of conflict. Negroes must be resettled in Africa. The remaining genetic types are similar enough to associate amiably with one another, but the tendency for the different genetic types to live, work, and play in separate ghettos is to be encouraged. 2. NO PERSECUTION No race or stock is to be harshly treated. All caucasian stocks (Germans, Jews, Italians, Poles, etc.) are to remain separate and free from persecution or abuse and must unite to ward off the non-caucasian genetic threat. 3. QUANTITY CONTROL The United States is already over-populated. We must stop all immigration and impose birth controls. 4. QUALITY CONTROL Those genetic types within each race and stock having better traits will be encouraged to produce more offspring and those having the lesser qualities will be restricted in the number of their offspring. 5. EXPERTS RULE History shows that equal vote for unequal people eventually destroys society. Experts are to be selected through various improved qualification tests; all are eligible to take the tests; more than one expert is to be in each important position; and rotation of leadership among the qualified. Experts make fewer errors in all phases of life. This "civil-service-test" selection of leaders will promote confidence and efficiency. 6. INCENTIVE ECONOMICS A high incentive level is necessary in society because of acquired and hereditary differences. Those who are not capable are to be humanely treated and their basic needs guaranteed. To promote greater progress, significant creativity and other major contributions (societal necessities, acts of bravery, etc.) are to be specially rewarded. Depression and recessions can be cured through control of negative incentives and regulation of the medium of exchange. Wars due to economic struggles between different genetic types will be solved by controlling the availability of markets. (Over) [schema] GENETIC INEQUALITY + GENETIC STABILITY [arrow] GENETIC CONTROLLABILITY Basic Eugenic Program: Type - Quality - Quantity Control [end schema]
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