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Brochure advertising Mongrel Virginians, by Arthur H. Estabrook and Ivan E. McDougle

Brochure advertising Mongrel Virginians, by Arthur H. Estabrook and Ivan E. McDougle
Brochure advertising Mongrel Virginians, by Arthur H. Estabrook and Ivan E. McDougle
1325. [left side] Charts 1. Early generation of the Wins. 2. The White Brown Family. 3. The Half-breed Brown Family. 4. The Bill B. Brown Family. 5. The Amelia Family. 6. The Alphonse Brown Family. 7. The Alta-Sam Long Family. 8. The Rupert Brown Family. 9. The Al-Elza Brown Family. 10. The Reuben Ross Family. 11. The Asa Esther Family. 12. The Austin Roxanna Family. 13. Abigail's Family. 14. The Aba Betsey Family. 15. The Hal-Ada Jones Family. 16. The Half-breed Jones Family. 17. The Bob-Salva Family. 18. The Gus Family. 19. The Bruno Family. 20. The Webster Burton Family. 21. The Hamlin Family. 22. The Abraham Johnson Family. 23. The Saul Lillie Family. 24. The Andrew Hall Family. 25. The Carl Geraldine Family. 26. The Willett Family. 27. The Oswald Family. Tables I. Population. II. Fecundity. III Consanguinity. IV. Legitimacy. V. Results Obtained with Stanford Revision of Binet-Simon Test. VI. School Attendance and Proficiency. VII. Racial Classification. [middle] For the Scientist In the field of eugenics or of sociology and economics, MONGREL VIRGINIANS offers a careful and one of the most comprehensive studies ever published, of the effects of racial miscegenation. Particularly favorable conditions for the gathering of historical and genealogical data make the study of unique importance. For the Citizen MONGREL VIRGINIANS offers in non-technical language, a recitation of ascertained facts which have a bearing upon one of the most momentous issues which the nation is facing, that of racial integrity. Not whites alone, but many blacks are insisting on maintaining such integrity. This book gives the biological reasons why. [right side] [large opening bracket] What Happens When White, Indian and Negro Blood Intermingles?[large closing bracket] MONGREL VIRGINIANS A Scientific Study of Racial Intermixture as it Developed in the "Win" Tribe in Virginia By Arthur H. Estabrook of the Carnegie Institution, Washington and Ivan E. McDougle of Goucher College, Baltimore [graphic] A Statement of Fact from Eugenical and Sociological Points of View 27 Genealogical charts - 7 Tables - Illustrated Cloth - 6 x 9 - 205 pages The Williams & Wilkins Company Publishers of Scientific Books and Periodicals Baltimore, U. S. A. FM-MVa-36
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