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"Unfit Human Traits" and "Triangle of Life."

"Unfit Human Traits" and "Triangle of Life."
"Unfit Human Traits" and "Triangle of Life."
1568. [left side] Unfit Human Traits Such As Feeblemindedness, Epilepsy, Criminality, Insanity, Alcoholism, Pauperism and Many Others, Run In Families And Are Inherited In Exactly The Same Way As Color In Guinea-Pigs. If All Marriages Were Eugenic We Could Breed Out Most Of This Unfitness In Three Generations. [right side] The Triangle of Life [illustration] You can improve your education, and even change your environment; but what you really are was all settled [underscore] when your parents were born [end underscore]. Selected Parents will have better children This is the great aim of Eugenics [end]
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