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"Physical Development Record for American Males," Eugenics Record Office (including forms, directions, and growth graphs)

"Physical Development Record for American Males," Eugenics Record Office (including forms, directions, and growth graphs)
"Physical development record for American males, page 1"
2398. Please do not write here. [followed by four short stacked scores] Carnegie Institution of Washington [centered score] Eugenics Record Office Cold Spring Harbor, New York [centered score] Founded by Mrs. E. H. Harriman Please do not write here. No.[dotted line]373 Sent [dotted line] Rec'd [dotted line] Collab [dotted line] Physical Development Record for American Males Person whose physical developmental record is being maintained: Full name: [dotted line] Date of birth: [dotted line] (Month) [dotted lne] (Day) [dotted line] (Year) Racial stock of father's father [dotted line] Of father's mother [dotted line] Of mother's father [dotted line] Of mother's mother [dotted line] Date when the record is begun: [dotted line] (Month) [dotted line] (Day) [dotted line] (Year) Date of successive annual reports to the Eugenics Record Office: 1st [dotted line]; 2nd [dotted line]; 3rd [dotted line]; 4th [dotted line]; 5th [dotted line]; 6th [dotted line]; 7th [dotted line]; 8th [dotted line]; 9th [dotted line]; 10th [dotted line]; 11th [dotted line]; 12th [dotted line]; 13th [dotted line]; 14th [dotted line]; 15th [dotted line]; 16th [dotted line]; 17th [dotted line]; The Use of this Record: Persons interested in the physical development of children (their own or others) to the extent of being willing to undertake a few simple measurements monthly or quarterly for the particular children are invited to ask for the requisite number of copies of this schedule - one schedule for each child. This particular form is for boys, but there is planned a similar set of charts for girls. Either set will be sent to you upon request provided the person who asks for them will agree to make and enter the measurements monthly for the period of years indicated, and will agree also to send to the Eugenics Record Office, annually, a report of measurements on properly prepared post cards (one child, one report-postcard per year) which the office will provide at opportune times. These records are prepared for children and adolescents from the ages of three to twenty years. Records may be started most profitably at ages between three and five years, and most conveniently on a birthday; subsequent measurements are to be made and recorded on the monthly birthday of each succeeding month, i.e., twelve times per year; or, if that is not feasible, at other frequent and regular intervals. Person who is responsible for maintaining this record: Name: [dotted line] Address: [dotted line] (Kindly advise the Eugenics Record Office of any change) Relation to person being measured: [dotted line] {Father, mother, teacher, or the like) ERO.467 [end]
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