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A wealth of information from DNA markers, Steve Olson

Interviewee: Steve Olson. Author Steve Olson talks about the possibilities for new genetic data about the history of human populations. (DNAi Location: Applications > Human Origins > Gene genealogy > Other genome regions > A wealth of information)
In fact the mitochondria and the Y are a very small portion of our genome. And information is now becoming available from all of the other chromosomal locations that we have, and in essence the amount of information that we have to track these migrations is expanding by orders of magnitude. And over the next ten years we are going to just have a wealth of information about the history of human populations and the history of individuals that we'll be able to get from the rest of the chromosomes. We'll continue to do research on the Y and mitochondria and they're particularly informative and clear systems because of the way they're passed, mitochondria are passed from mother to children, and Y chromosomes are passed from father to son. But it's a very exciting time in this, in using genetics to look at the history of human populations.
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