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DNA profile

An image of DNA profile.
alec jeffreys,dna profile,dna profiling
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An image of Alec Jeffreys.
15588. Alec Jeffreys, 1989
An image of Alec Jeffrey in 1989.
15582. DNA fingerprint
DNA profiling, DNA fingerprinting, gel analysis
15583. DNA fingerprint (single locus probe)
DNA profiling, DNA fingerprinting.
15623. DNA profile with short tandem repeat (STR) markers
DNA profile with short tandem repeat (STR) markers.
15982. The first DNA fingerprint
In 1984, Alec Jeffreys produced the first DNA fingerprint. DNA-based testing methods have evolved over the years, but they still use DNA repeats as the basis for building a DNA profile.
15106. Naming "DNA fingerprinting"
Alec Jeffreys talks about how he came up with the name.
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London Times article announcing the verdict of the case of Sarbah vs. Home Office (Ghana Immigration Case, 1985
15102. Using tandem repeats for DNA fingerprinting, Alec Jeffreys
Alec Jeffreys (the "inventor" of DNA fingerprinting) explains repeats.
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