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HIV/SIV Genome Maps

Human Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Gene Genome, Open Reading Frame, ORF, Spliced gene, Splicing, Reverse Transcriptase, Viral Pathogenesis
open reading frame,genome maps,viral pathogenesis,gene splicing,siv,sykes,hiv,virus
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16140. HIV SIV Tree
16135. HIV jumps barrier zoonosis
Image showing Watson and Crick, chimp, macaques, HIV virus particles.
16588. Animation 27: Mutations are changes in genetic information.
Herman Muller induces fruit fly mutations. Seymour Benzer works with virus mutants ans proved only one nucleotide change can cause mutation.
15632. Chromosome 11: Intergenic region repeats and transposons, 3D animation
Take a guided tour of less than 1% of your genetic material to see new and unusual views of your chromosomal landscape.
16834. Animation 40: Living things share common genes.
Mike Wigler shows how all organisms share similar genes, called homologs.
15158. Bridging evolutionary barriers, Robert Pollack
Renowned biologist and philosopher Robert Pollack reflects on his concern over the potential danger of Janet Mertz's experiment inserting a cancer-causing gene from a monkey virus into a bacterium that lives in humans.
16552. Animation 25: Some viruses store genetic information in RNA.
David Baltimore and Howard Temin explain work on the Rous sarcoma virus.
15415. Chromosome 20: gene for adenosine deaminase, Matt Ridley
Matt Ridley talks about chromosome 20, gene for adenosine deaminase.
16569. Problem 25: Some viruses store genetic information in RNA.
Explore the reverse transcriptase mechanism.
1844. STEP/A0118
Protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 5 (striatum-enriched), is also known as STEP (striatum-enriched phosphatase) or A0118, and the gene resides on human chromosome 11.
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