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Scott F. Gilbert, clip 2

Scott Gilbert is professor of biology at Swarthmore College where he teaches developmental genetics, embryology, and the history and critiques of biology.
nettie stevens, thomas hunt morgan, developmental genetics, edmund wilson, theodor boveri, scott f gilbert, embryology, sex chrmosomes, 1904
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16244. Video 8: Scott F. Gilbert, clip 1
Comments on Theodor Boveri and his experiments.
16259. Biography 9: Nettie Maria Stevens (1861-1912)
Nettie Maria Stevens independently developed the idea of sex determination by chromosomes.
16260. Biography 9: Edmund Beecher Wilson (1856-1939)
Edmund Beecher Wilson independently developed the idea of sex determination by chromosomes.
16277. Biography 10: Thomas Hunt Morgan (1866-1945)
Thomas Hunt Morgan was one of the first true geneticists.
16252. Gallery 9: Nettie Maria Stevens, 1904
Portrait of Nettie Stevens
16257. Video 9: Garland Allen, clip 2
Morgan's criticism of Stevens' and Wilson's sex determination theory.
16250. Animation 9: Specialized chromosomes determine gender.
Nettie Stevens and Edmund Wilson explain how gender is determined by special chromosomes.
16246. Biography 8: Theodor Boveri (1862-1915)
Theodor Boveri described the process of meiosis. He also showed that although chromosomes may look similar, they have specific hereditary qualities.
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Signed portrait of Theodor Boveri
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Portrait of Theodor Boveri
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