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Gallery 24: Rich Roberts, 1999

Gallery 24:  Rich Roberts, 1999
Rich Roberts in his office at New England Biolabs, 1999.
Rich Roberts, New England Biolabs
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Describing the early work purifying restriction enzymes.
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Describing the set up of the electron micrograph experiments.
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How Richard Roberts first became interested in restriction enzymes - hearing a talk by Dan Nathans.
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Describing the early experimental evidence for "interrupted" RNA transcripts that went on to suggest the subsequent electron micrograph studies.
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Performing the electron micrograph DNA/RNA hybridizations, and seeing the results.
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Should an aspiring student pursue a career in science? -- finding and developing your passion.
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Richard Roberts and Phil Sharp shared the 1993 Nobel Prize for the discovery of the split gene theory.
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Rich Roberts in his lab at Cold Spring Harbor, 1975.
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Rich Roberts as Dr. December in the 1997 Studmuffins of Science Calendar.
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The RNA message is sometimes edited.
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