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Gallery 26: Thomas Cech, 1998

Gallery 26:  Thomas Cech, 1998
Thomas Cech became president of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute on January 1, 2000.
Thomas Cech, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
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16585. Biography 26: Thomas Robert Cech (1947 - )
Thomas Cech and Sidney Altman discovered that RNA can have enzymatic activities. For this discovery, they shared the 1989 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.
16038. Thomas Robert Cech and Sidney Altman, 1989
RNA was the first genetic molecule.
972. Causes, Inheritance: Cancer gene types, Vogelstein clip 2
Professor Vogelstein, explains that cancer is in essence a genetic disease. But it's really quite different than all the other genetic diseases that people usually think of when they think about a genetic disease.
974. Causes, Inheritance: Colon cancer, Vogelstein
Professor Vogelstein explains that APC is expressed in all cells, and that we don't know why it only causes cancers when mutated in the colon and in a few other places.
1014. Diagnosis, Targeted therapies: Targeting activators, Sawyer 2
Professor Charles Sawyer explains that Gleevec is a pill taken once a day and works remarkably well in all phases of CML.
1013. Diagnosis, Targeted therapies: Targeting activators, Sawyer 1
Professor Charles Sawyer explains that CML stands for chronic myeloid leukemia, which is a blood cancer and it is different from many cancers because it starts very slowly and patients when they're first diagnosed don't have many symptoms.
976. Causes, Inheritance: Many steps to cancer, Vogelstein clip 1
Professor Vogelstein explains that colon cancers provide a good example of a type of tumor in which the genetic steps leading from the normal colon epethelial cell to a cancer, are reasonably well known.
977. Causes, Inheritance: Many steps to cancer, Vogelstein clip 2
Professor Vogelstein explains that the only difference between a benign tumor and a malignant tumor is not the size, it's the ability of the malignant tumor to invade, and get through the tissues.
970. Causes, Inheritance: Cancer gene types
This section identifies that a cancer gene alters the normal functioning of a protein, and there are three major categories of cancer genes.
16721. Biography 34: Herb W. Boyer (1936 - )
Herb Boyer and Stan Cohen "invented" recombinant DNA technology.
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