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Roy Britten, 1970s

Roy Britten, 1970s
Roy Britten, 1970s.
roy britten, 1970s
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Roy Britten with his two sons and his aunt, 1970s.
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Some DNA does not encode protein.
16661. Video 31: Roy J. Britten, clip 1
Using mouse satellite DNA to study reassociation kinetics.
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Biologists and the stress of math.
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Composition of repeated DNA in the genome.
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Are repeated DNA species specific?
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Arthur Kornberg, 1970s.
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Linus Pauling, circa 1970s.
16665. Biography 31: Roy John Britten (1919 - )
Roy Britten did seminal research on repetitive DNA and its evolutionary origins.
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Roger Kornberg in his laboratory, 1970s.
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