Polymerase Chain Reaction

We have collected our PCR animations, videos, and laboratory experiments and put them all in one place. Check out the first Resources Spotlight Collection.

Spotlight Collections

We are enhancing our most popular resources by building collections around them. First up: Polymerase Chain Reaction!

Biology Animation Library

The DNA Learning Center has been developing multimedia animation programs since 1990. These popular programs feature some of the most common molecular processes such as PCR, sequencing, and DNA restriction. View online or download for play from your computer.

3-D Animation Library

Stunning three-dimensional visualizations of cellular and molecular processes. Journey inside a cell as you follow proteins and learn about cellular interactions in Cell Signals. Zoom along a three-dimensional rendering of 650,000 nucleotides of human chromosome 11 to see how little actually encodes protein in Chromosome 11 Flyover. DNA translation, transcription, and replication, and chromosome packaging are presented in several animations featured on DNA Interactive (created by Drew Berry).

G2C Online 3-D Brain

An interactive brain map that allows users to rotate the brain in three-dimensional space. Individual maps of 29 structures include information on brain damage, case studies, and links to modern research.

Gene Screen App and Interactives

Gene Screen is a fun way to learn how recessive genetic traits and diseases are inherited and find out which genetic diseases are more prevalent where your ancestors came from. Info on some recessive diseases and screening programs also included. Download the free app today for your iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.

Nobel Laureates in DNA from the Beginning

Each year a select few scientists are recognized for their work by the Nobel Foundation. We feature many of these scientists on our DNA from the Beginning site. We have gathered all of the prize winners here; follow the links for animated explanations of their groundbreaking work.

DNA Today

Join Dave Micklos, Jan Witkowski, and staff commentators for a lively discussion of DNA in the news from world-renowned Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory!

Gene Boy

Also found under our websites header, Gene Boy is a simple, multifunction DNA sequence analysis tool; analyze stored sequences or upload your own DNA sequence.

Building Modern Internet Sites for Science Education:
Insights from Science, Technology, and Education

This paper condenses insights gained during a three-day workshop of 30 experts and opinion leaders from diverse fields – including neuroscience, cognitive science, network theory, knowledge management, science education, and technology convergence. The quick insights are a useful laundry list for anyone creating a modern Internet site on science education, while the deeper insights give a sense of what is on the minds of people who are leading the effort to use the Internet to connect people in real-time communities of common interest. Available in MS Word and PDF.

Nucleotide Sequences of pAMP, pKAN, and pBLU Plasmids

These common plasmids are used in our laboratory protocols. Link for a reference map and nucleotide sequence of each plasmid.


Get information about our DNALC-produced textbooks, DVD, and CD-ROM set available for purchase through the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. Just added: Genome Science!

Resources available from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press

Resources available from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press

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